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IPAC Meeting Schedule:
Monthly on the first Monday of the month.

Next Meeting has been moved to Thursday, March 6, 2014.

Contact Darlene McMillin x5147 for more information.

The purpose of the Intellectual Property Advisory Committee (IPAC) is to make determinations regarding the assignment of intellectual property under the provision of the Intellectual Property Policy of UNTHSC.

The assignment of intellectual property is determined by the extent to which the property was developed by UNTHSC faculty, staff or students when performing their duties of employment or through their substantial use of facilities or funds provided by the institution.

The IPAC also provides input to the Office of Research Development & Commercialization, Division of Research and Innovation, regarding invention disclosures.

All Faculty members are appointed to three-year terms.

Rita Patterson, Ph.D.


Faculty Members
Nicoleta Bugnariu, PT, Ph.D.
Porunelloor Mathew, Ph.D.
Iok-Hou Pang, Ph.D.
John Schetz, Ph.D.
Michael Smith, Ph.D.
Dennis Thombs, PhD, Eds, MA, BA
Albert O-Yurvati, D.O.

Consultant Members
Tom Capetan, MBA
Darlene M. Boudreaux, MBA
Heidjer Staecker, JD


Andrea Anderson, JD
Lawrence E. "Joe" Allred, Ph.D.

David Cistola, M.D., Ph.D.