Note from the President:

The following entry inaugurates a new column highlighting UNTHSC retirees. The entries are based on proposals and materials submitted by our members and their friends or families. You are urged to contribute.


Edward Elko 

  (Dr. Elko's recent photo is being obtained to be included here)

Dr. Elko started at TCOM as a guest lecturer in Pharmacology, which position was later converted into a tenured professorship in 1978.  During his tenure at UNTHSC, he also served as the Associate Dean for Basic Sciences and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Although I retired from UNTHSC in 1996, I am still active with UNTHSC volunteering two days a week at the information desk in the Patient Care Center, and participating in a clinical research and teaching programs. He said in an interview.

Besides teaching and research, Dr. Elko remains active in many academic and social services. Since the early 1980's, he has been a member of the Commission of Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) that is responsible for the accreditation of osteopathic medical colleges, which reports to the Federal Department of Education. He is often a member of the COCA Site Visitation Accreditation Team that has been following the rapid development of the Osteopathic Medical Education.

For the last four years, Dr. Elko has been involved in the American Osteopathic Association, in the capacity as the appointed Public Member on the Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists (BOS), which is responsible for the certification and re-certification of all osteopathic physicians. The Public Member is responsible to represent the interests of the public. The Public Member is a voting member of the Executive Committee, the Standards Review Committee and the Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists. Recently he consented to chair the Administration and Financial Matters Committee of the BOS which is responsible for the overview for the administration and financial responsibilities of each the eighteen Certifying Specialty Boards in the Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists.

Dr. Elko serves as a volunteer in many public and church organizations helping wherever his time and health permit.

We are very pleased that Dr. Elko continues to be fully committed to the progress of the profession and serving the community. He is a regular participant in the Retiree Association after serving his term as a president of the organization. All of his contributions he enjoys as a productive hobby in his retirement. 








Dear Member and Friends,


As we announced at our June Luncheon, the future newsletters will be in the format of this Web. We depend on each one of you to provide material for the newsletter. If you have any news item such as what you may like to share from your recent ravel experiences, any news of the family or any recognition that any of our members received, will be of interest. Any other material that affects retirees’ life may also be shared.


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Harbans Lal

President, UNTHSC Retiree Association

September 6, 2009