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Master Plan: Growing Facilities

The first phase of our campus expansion included the recent opening of the 112,000 square-foot Medical Education and Training Building. This state-of-the-art education center will support the expansion of our academic programs and the continued growth of our students, faculty and staff. This building is part of a phased five-year plan that will add approximately 270,000 square feet to our campus and promises to advance our legacy of innovation to an entirely new level.

MET BuildingThis new building includes spacious new auditoriums and lecture halls, cutting-edge patient simulation labs, an osteopathic manipulative training center, and a small food services center.

In our long-range master plan, the campus also will feature four open quads that will link clustered buildings and establish one large interconnected campus with 10 new energy-efficient buildings. Parking will be improved and integrated with the campus design to accommodate the growing campus population. Finally, a central "spine" walkway will unify the west and east ends of the campus. At night, this spine will be transformed into a "Walk of Light," a metaphor for eternal health.

By creating a greener, more welcoming and integrated campus, the new structures will better serve the needs of students, faculty and staff, and they will become a valued and desirable destination point in Fort Worth's already renowned Cultural District.

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