UNTHSC Logo Catalog 2011-2012

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School of Public Health

Office of the DeanSPH class

Richard S. Kurz, PhD, Dean; Professor, Department of Health Management and Policy

Christine A. Moranetz, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Chair, Department of Public Health Education, Associate Professor, Departments of Public Health Education and Social and Behavioral Sciences

Elizabeth Trevino-Dawson, DrPH, Assistant Dean for Curriculum; Assistant Professor, Department of Health Management and Policy

Sally Crocker, Communications Manager

Lupe Sanchez, Executive Assistant

Vikas Tomer, MPH, Web Administrator

Office of Student & Academic Services

Matthew Dolan, EdD, Associate Dean for Administration and Student Services

Liz Medders, Associate Director, Recruitment and Admissions

Misty Smethers, MAE, Assistant Director, Student and Academic Services

Dianna Garcia, Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator

Diana Crenshaw, Administrative Services Officer

Center for Public Health Practice

Claudia Coggin, PhD, CHES, Director

Susan Harlin, Coordinator, Practice Experience

Texas Public Health Training Center

Nuha Lacken, PhD, Director

Jeffrey Moon, MPH, Coordinator


To advance public health knowledge through research, service, and education of professionals and scientists who are dedicated to disease prevention, health promotion, and the achievement of efficiency, effectiveness, and equity in the delivery of health services while minimizing health disparities among populations.


To become one of the Top 10 schools of public health in the nation.

**The PhD in Public Health Sciences program is pending approval by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

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