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Dual Degrees with the School of Public Health

UNTHSC also offers numerous dual degree opportunities bridging the MPAS and DO degrees with the MPH, MHA, MS and PhD degrees within the School of Public Health and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Future dual degree opportunities will also be offered to students pursuing the DPT and PharmD degrees. For details, please see the  section on the Multidisciplinary Programs within this catalog. 

DO/MPH Training Program

The primary goal of the DO/MPH and program is to provide clinical professionals with specialized public health training to develop, integrate and apply culturally competent social, psychological and biomedical approaches to the promotion and preservation of health. Participation in this program is subject to approval by the TCOM associate dean of academic affairs.

There are two options in the DO/MPH program. The first option is to extend the period for completion of the public health and medical degrees to five years by registering for the majority of the public health courses between Year 3 and Year 4 of the medical school curriculum.

The second option is to complete the MPH degree requirements during the four years of medical education in TCOM. In order to receive an MPH degree at the time of medical school graduation, students must enter the MPH program and take courses (at least 9-12 semester credit hours) during the summer prior to matriculation into medical school and enroll in one School of Public Health evening course during each semester of Year 1 and Year 2 of medical school. Contact the School of Public Health at 817-735-2401 for more information on the MPH curriculum.

DO/MHA Track

The path to the DO and Masters of Health Administration is a unique curriculum designed for the student who desires to pursue leadership and management roles in health care in addition to practicing medicine.

Block 1 consists of the preclinical years for the DO program. During Block 1, the student will complete the first three years of the DO curriculum, must maintain a "B" average within the medical curriculum and must pass Part 1 and Part 2 of the College of Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination (COMLEX). During this block, the student will register only for courses within the TCOM curriculum. An exception to these rules may be made only with the approval of the Dual Degree Program advisory committee, the Dean of TCOM and the Dean of the School of Public Health. During Block 1, the coursework completed within the TCOM curriculum will count for between 6-12 credit hours toward the MHA degree as determined by the SPH graduate committtees.

Block 2 consists of at least one year dedicated to graduate study. During block 2, the student is expected to complete all coursework required for the MHA degree. This coursework will integrate a health administration internship and will culminate with a Capstone project.

During Block 3, the student will complete the required clinical rotations. During this block, the student may also complete any requirements for the MHA degree that are pending. At the end of Block 3, the student is expected to have completed the curriculum required for the DO degree and to have completed the required courses and research requirements according to the SPH degree plan for the MHA degree. Following completion of the curricula required for both degrees, the student is awarded the DO degree through TCOM and the MHA degree through SPH.

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