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Academic Programs and Curriculum

Academic Programs

The University of North Texas System College of Pharmacy (SCP) is dedicated to providing an outstanding educational program to train pharmacy professionals to provide patient care, including medication therapy management, to practice collaboratively with other health care professionals, and to develop life-long learning and self-evaluation skills. Students will receive didactic, laboratory, and experiential training, and will be required to apply what they learn in each setting. Beginning in the first semester, students will engage in interprofessional experiential activities with other health professions students.

Doctor of Pharmacy Degree 

The SCP is a four year program that leads to the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD). Emphasis is placed upon training students to enter any area of pharmacy practice or pharmacy residency. During the first and second years of the curriculum, a heavy emphasis will be placed on foundational courses in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences. During the second and third years, integrated pharmacotherapy will be taught with an organ system approach. Clinical problems/diseases with their underlying pathophysiology will be presented, followed by the medicinal chemistry and pharmacology of drug classes used to treat these conditions. In the pharmacotherapy part of each block, students will apply this information in analyzing and evaluating clinical cases and recommending appropriate, effective, and cost-effective pharmaceutical care plans. Clinical case discussions in the first year will focus on health promotion and communication skills, and in the second and third years, these discussions will align with the pharmacotherapy blocks. Pharmacy Practice Skills Laboratories in Years 1 and 2 will focus on medication preparation, patient interviewing and assessment, and professional communication skills. Students will participate in Pharmacy Practice courses in Semesters 1 - 6, in which they study a broad range of areas, including biostatistics, health care delivery systems, pharmacoeconomics, law, ethics, history of pharmacy, communications, and more. During Years 1 - 3, students will engage in Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE’s) in which they work with pharmacists or fourth year pharmacy students in community and institutional pharmacies, participate in health promotion projects in the community, take Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support classes, and perform simulations on high fidelity manikins. IPPE’s will emphasize interprofessional collaboration with other health professions students at the UNTHSC. In the fourth year, students will engage in Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE’s), in which they provide patient assessment and care through medication management, provide drug information to patients, providers, and other health care professionals, engage in disease management and prevention, and engage in medication distribution through filling of prescriptions and medication orders, all under the direction of a licensed pharmacist preceptor.

University of North Texas System College of Pharmacy Curriculum 


Year 1, Semester 1

PHAR 7411 Physiologic Basis for Pharmacotherapy  

PHAR 7412 Metabolic Basis for Pharmacotherapy 

PHAR 7313 Pharmaceutics 1

PHAR 7214 Pharmacotherapy of Self-Care 1

PHAR 7315 Introduction to Pharmacy Practice 1: The Profession

PHAR 7116 Clinical Case Discussions 1

PHAR 7217 Pharmacy Practice Skills Laboratory 1

PHAR 7110 IPPE 1


Year 1, Semester 2

PHAR 7321 Pharmacotherapy of Infectious Disease  

PHAR 7322 Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine

PHAR 7323 Pharmaceutics 2

PHAR 7224 Pharmacotherapy of Self-Care 2 

PHAR 7325 Introduction to Pharmacy Practice 2: Communications 

PHAR 7126 Clinical Case Discussions 2

PHAR 7227 Pharmacy Practice Skills Laboratory 2

PHAR 7120 IPPE 2

Year 1, Summer

PHAR 7229 IPPE 3 Community Practice

Year 2, Semester 3*

PHAR 7331 Immune Based Diseases and Therapy 

PHAR 7232 Principles of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology

PHAR 7534 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 1: Renal, Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat and Skin

PHAR 7335 Introduction to Pharmacy Practice 3: Pharmaceutical Policy, Public Health and Pharmacoeconomics 

PHAR 7136 Integrated Pharmacy Recitation 1

PHAR 7137 Pharmacy Practice Skills Laboratory 3

PHAR 7130 IPPE 4

 Year 2, Semester 4*

PHAR 7341 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 2: Endocrine and Male/Female Health
PHAR 7442 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 3: Cardiovascular
PHAR 7343
PHAR 7345
Introduction to Pharmacy Practice 4: Evidenced Based Practice and Drug Literature Evaluation

PHAR 7146 Integrated Pharmacy Recitation 2
PHAR 7147 Pharmacy Practice Skills Laboratory 4
PHAR 7140 IPPE 5

Year 2, Summer

PHAR 7249 IPPE 6 Institutional Practice

Year 3, Semester 5*

PHAR 7451 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 4: Infectious Disease
PHAR 7352 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 5: Respiratory and Gastro-Intestinal
PHAR 7353 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 6: Neurology, Psychiatry and Pain
PHAR 7354 Optimizing Wellness
PHAR 7355 Introduction to Pharmacy Practice 5: Management and Safety
PHAR 7156 Integrated Pharmacy Recitation 3
PHAR 7150 IPPE 7

Year 3, Semester 6*

PHAR 7361 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 7: Hematology, Oncology and Transplants
PHAR 7262 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 8: Musculo-Skeletal and Connective Tissues
PHAR 7263 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 9: Special Populations
PHAR 7264 Integrated Pharmacotherapy 10: Critical Care
PHAR 7365 Introduction to Pharmacy Practice 6: Law and Ethics
PHAR 7166 Integrated Pharmacy Recitation 4
PHAR 7160 IPPE 8

Year 4, Semesters 7 and 8

PHAR 7680 APPE Elective (2)
PHAR 7681 APPE Inpatient/Acute Care 
PHAR 7682 APPE Community
PHAR 7683 APPE Selective Required
PHAR 7684 APPE Ambulatory Care
PHAR 7685 APPE Hospital or Health System

*Students will have the opportunity to take electives during Years 2 and 3. These courses will be offered through the SCP and the School of Public Health.

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