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Public Health Graduate Certificate in GIS

The role of Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, research and spatial analysis is a valuable tool in public health today to better understand the geography of disease and its risk factors. The role of GIS is rapidly increasing in the development of public health policy for targeted prevention and intervention methods. GIS technology is now applied by WHO, the CDC, FEMA, state and local health departments, and various other public health organizations.

In conjunction with UNT's Department of Geography, the UNT Health Science Center's School of Public Health is now offering a 15 semester credit hour (SCH) certificate program to train students for public health research and practice in an academic or industry setting using GIS.

The Public Health Graduate Certificate in GIS is a 15 SCH program as part of, or in addition to, a graduate degree program in the School of Public Health. The benefit of embedding the Certificate within a graduate degree program is that common, required coursework may, under some situations, apply to the Certificate without the need for additional credit hours. By the completion of the certificate program students will be able to:

  • Understand geographic information science principles in the context of public health
  • Demonstrate knowledge of methods of the geospatial analysis of public health information
  • Apply appropriate geospatial methods to public health research, practice, and policy
  • Use GIS software and geodatabase design to access, manage, and analyze spatial health data

Curriculum (15 SCH)

Course Course Title Credits Offered
EPID 5300 Principles of Epidemiology 3 SCH All
BIOS 5310 Biostatistics for Public Health II 3 SCH Spring
EOHS 5362 GIS and Health 3 SCH Fall
EOHS 5364 Medical Geography 3 SCH Spring
EOHS 5391 Application of Health Information and Spatial Analysis* 3 SCH Summer

*Course must be taken after the successful completion of EPID 5300, BIOS 5310, EOHS 5362 and EOHS 5364.

Admissions and Certificate Receipt Requirements

  • Admission and matriculation to a graduate program in the UNTHSC School of Public Health or Alumni from UNTHSC SPH
  • Completion of required 15 semester credit hours of courses
  • Maintenance of overall graduate program GPA of equal or greater than 3.0

Application Procedure

Complete Application and mail to:

UNTHSC-School of Public Health
Office of Admission & Academic Services
Carl E. Everett Education and Administration Building 716
3500 Camp Bowie Blvd. 
Fort Worth, TX 76107

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