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Master of Health Administration Internship Program

All students pursuing a Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree at the UNT Health Science Center School of Public Health are required to complete a professional internship prior to graduation. The MHA internship program is managed under the direction of the MHA Program Director in cooperation with program faculty, students and preceptors in the field.

Internship Purpose and Objectives

Each student in the UNTHSC School of Public Health's Master of Health Administration Program is required to complete a 500 contact hour, 12-13-week, full-time internship in an approved health services organization under the guidance of a qualified preceptor. The purpose of this internship is to provide the student with a "real world" experience against which to compare the concepts and models learned in the classroom; enable an appreciation of the complexity of organizations and the individuals that comprise them; and to provide insights for further development of skills and knowledge during the student's remaining time in the program.

The MHA internship experience is intended to provide students with "hands on" training in health services management. The final decision regarding which type of internship would be most appropriate for individual students is made by the MHA Program Director in consultation with each student's faculty advisor.

All internships are designed to enable students to accomplish the following objectives:

• To observe and understand the leadership and managerial style of the preceptor;
• To understand the overall design and interrelationships of the individual parts
   of the organization's structure;
• To contribute to the "real output" of the organization by participating in relevant projects;
• To practice serving as a "real healthcare manager" within the organization; and
• To understand the internal and external environment in which the organization functions.

Additional information can be found on the MHA Internship website.

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