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EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer), direct deposit is now available for all payment processing in the Financial System (vendor, travel and employee reimbursements) for UNT Health Science Center.

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Employees at UNT Health Science Center and vendors doing business with UNT Health Science Center will now have the option to receive their payment as a direct deposit opposed to a check. This method allows disbursed payments to be expedited in a more timely process and is more cost efficient alleviating expenses associated with check printing.

To sign up for EFT, direct deposit, please go to the website, to obtain the agreement form. Please complete and return to Once the information is entered into the system any future payment will be in the form of an EFT.

Vendors (suppliers) interested in EFT’s should contact the Vendor Area at

Employees with questions should email to , call 940-369-5500 or toll free to 855-868-4357

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