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Email with .zip file attachments now quarantined

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In response to continued virus/malware threats, UNT System IT Shared Services will now quarantine all .zip files sent through the UNT System Exchange mail server. Users that are sent an external message with a .zip file attached will receive a message titled “Email Quarantined Due to Security Concerns” containing further information about the quarantined message (see example below). You will have the ability to release these files by going to https://spam.unt.edu. Do not release a quarantined file or message unless you are absolutely sure the content is safe.

Zip files being sent internally (between unthsc.edu, unt.edu, untsystem.edu accounts) are not affected unless a client, such as Outlook, is configured to do so manually.

Always be vigilant when opening email or attachments. Please remember that neither UNT nor HSC will request your password through e-mail. Do not respond to messages asking for any of your credentials or private information. If you are suspicious about a message, please forward it to Abuse@unthsc.edu for investigation.

________________________ SAMPLE Quarantine Email Subject: Email Quarantined Due to Security Concerns

An email message sent to you from message@inbound.efax.com with the Subject: "[WARNING : MESSAGE ENCRYPTED]Key Secured Message" has been quarantined. This Email contains a zip file. Zip files might contain an executable file that might potentially be dangerous to your computer and/or you network environment. So, ONLY release the zip file if you're expecting to receive such a file from someone that you know. If in doubt please always double check with the sender. You may access your quarantined messages by logging into http://spam.unt.edu. If you have any questions about this please contact:


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