The Daily News FAQ

How do I submit an announcement to the Daily News?

To submit an announcement to the Daily News, click the “Add announcement” link in the side navigation of the Daily News or go to You will be directed to a login in page. Anyone with a Novell UserID and password can submit an announcement. Once you log in, you may fill out the announcement form.

What category do I use for my announcement?

There are currently 10 categories to choose from for your announcement. There is no firm rule for what each category contains, however, for readability, you should choose a category that best matches your announcement. You can always go back and look at previous announcements to see where others have posted their announcements.

What is the deadline for the Daily News announcements?

11:59 pm on the day before the announcement is to be sent.

Who will receive the Daily News announcements?

Anyone who has a UNTHSC Groupwise email account.

Can I edit my announcement?

Yes, as long as you edit your announcement before 11:59 pm on the day before the announcement is supposed to be sent.

Can I send my announcement mutilple times?

Yes, you have the option to submit your announcement for up to three different dates at a time. You can either type in your dates or click on the calendar icon next to the date field. A valid announcement date is any date that does not fall on the weekend and is in the future.

Can I send an immediate message through the Daily News?

The Health Science Center's e-mail policy states that campuswide announcements and bulk e-mails are reserved for urgent or emergency communications only. Examples of these announcements are: severe weather, power failures, early closings and other situations that affect all or most of the people on campus.

Can I add attachments to my announcement?

No, the Daily News currently does not allow for attachments. If there is a demand for attachments, they will be considered in the future.

How do I get an item on the campus calendar?

Click on the "Campus Calendar" link located on the side navigation of the Daily News or you can go to Follow the instructions on the login page to add an item.

Will my calendar item be in the Daily News?

Yes, all approved calendar items will show up in the Daily News on the day of the event. All calendar items that occur on the weekend will show up in The Daily News on the Friday prior to the event.

Can I view the Daily News off campus?

Yes, The Daily News can be viewed from off campus, however you may not see all the features available from on campus. If you are connected to the campus network through VPN you will be able to view all the features.