OCORES Consultative Services

Quality Improvement and Management
Consultation in applying proven quality improvement theory and techniques to the emerging health care environment, with an emphasis on meeting industry standards as well as improving patient satisfaction.
Outcomes Measurement and Management
Consultation in establishing site coordination and data collection methodologies to ensure valid and reliable outcomes measurement projects. Linkage of outcomes measures to clinical processes to provide continuous feedback monitoring and quality improvement.
Survey Administration, Analysis, and Reporting
Consultation in planning, conducting, and evaluating the results of traditional mail, telephone, and face-to-face surveys as well as exploring new survey methodologies using focus groups and electronic communications.
Technology Assessment
Consultation in the use of traditional epidemiologic methods to determine the efficacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of health care processes, procedures, and technology as well as use of emerging techniques in meta-analysis, decision analysis, and cost-benefit analysis.
Health Care Epidemiology
Consultation in the use of epidemiologic methods in the health care setting for such programs as industry reporting, utilization review, physician profiling, infection control, and regulatory compliance.

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Updated: 29 June 2000.