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Go Centers are a grassroots network of community-managed college recruiting and mentoring centers located in communities These centers provide FWISD students with information related to career exploration, higher education and financial aid. The Go Center also serves as the "hub" to a number of college preparation-related programs connected to local high schools. The University of North Texas Health Science Center through the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences- Office of Outreach assists and serves two area high school Go Centers: North Side High School(NSHS) and Dunbar High School(DHS) as well as the Community Go Center at Stop 6 Church of Christ. Mentoring teams to these centers (otherwise known as the "G-Force") include our students who have college experience and now pursuing a professional degree from the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, the School of Public Health and TCOM.

Go Center - UNTHSC

The UNTHSC G-Force team mentors at NSHS, DHS, and Stop 6 each work with students up to 19 hours per week at each Go Center. The team encourages students to pursue their higher education goals and help them find the tools to do so. In addition, the G-Force team works with students to identify any barriers they may face in seeking higher education and address them to the extent possible.

Go Center - UNTHSC
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