Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences - Office of Outreach

The Office of Outreach administers programs whose principal goal is to increase the numbers of under-represented, disadvantaged or first generation college students entering the health professions and the biomedical sciences. The programs currently in place are the Adopt-A-School Program, SMART, McNAIR, More Knowledge In The Sciences (MKITS), The Go Center Project and Bridges to the Doctoral Degree.

Each Program is distinct, but offers summer research internships for college (SMART, McNAIR), experience in teaching science in K-12 (MKITS and SCORE), K-12 mentoring, tutoring and advising (Adopt-A-School, MKITS ,SCORE, Go Center), support for graduate training (Bridges), and involvement of student organization in a variety of activities (Adopt-A-School, MKITS, Go Center). Several partnerships with minority serving institutions have been developed, and a student pipeline established between them and the various programs at the health science center.

As a result of these efforts, the Office of Outreach has been recognized by Clinton and Bush White House Administrations for its success. The National Association of Outreach Admissions Professional named it the 1999 winner of its Excellence in Minority Admissions award and Minority Access, INC., has named the University of North Texas Health Science Center for the role model institution.

Efforts by the Office of Outreach have enabled the health science center to achieving great success in creating a diverse student population that leads the state in that area.

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