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UNTHSC on iTunes U FAQ

If I have Windows, can I still use iTunes and iTunes U?

  • Yes, iTunes will work on both PC (Windows XP/Vista) and Mac (Mac OS X 10.3.9 or Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later), and can be downloaded for free. Click here to download

Can I still use the materials on UNTHSC on iTunes U even if I don't have an iPod?

  • Yes, you don't need an iPod to view or download any of the materials; this can be done straight from your laptop or desktop computer.

Can I get to UNTHSC on iTunes U from the iTunes Music Store?

  • Yes, click on the iTunes U link on the iTunes Store, then browse by category, or click on the link under Find Education Providers (Universities and Colleges).

Do I have to pay to view and download material from UNTHSC on iTunes U?

  • No. You may freely preview, download and view all the content on UNTHSC on iTunes U.

How do I get to UNTHSC on iTunes U from our school's home page?

Who do I contact if I want material to be uploaded to UNTHSC on iTunes U?

Will I be able to use other mp3 players with iTunes?

  • Maybe. Some content may be available, and sometimes content, once downloaded, can be converted to work with other mp3 devices.

Who do I contact for questions or problems with UNTHSC on iTunes U?

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