December 17, 1997

UNT Health Science Center Faculty Appointed to State Councils

FORT WORTH, Texas -- An internationally-recognized senior researcher and a senior physician at the University of North Texas Health Science Center have been appointed to state health care councils.

Dr. Robert Gracy, dean for Research and Biotechnology at the UNT Health Science Center, was appointed by Governor George W. Bush to the Texas Health Care Information Council, while Dr. Monte Troutman, chief of the division of gastroenterology for the health science center's Physicians & Surgeons Medical Group, was appointed to the Texas Medical Foundation State Board of Directors.

The information council assures that the state of Texas provides the best quality care at the lowest possible cost. It is also charged with creating a statewide health care data collection system to assess health care charges, utilization data, provider quality data, and outcome data to facilitate the promotion and accessibility of cost-effective, quality health care. The council was established by the Texas Legislature and consists of 15 members, who meet quarterly in Austin. Dr. Gracy is the only appointee from Fort Worth.

Dr. Troutman joins 16 physicians from across the state, two Medicare beneficiary representatives and one CHAMPUS representative as a member of the Texas Medical Foundation State Board of Directors. The board monitors Medicare and Medicaid contracts and conducts beneficiary protection and outreach activities. The foundation seeks ongoing quality health care improvement through its oversight activities of health delivery contracts and partnerships. Dr. Troutman will serve through July 1998.