March 02, 2007
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Service Seal

Employees’ career milestones to be celebrated with service awards.

Employees who achieved 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years of service with the Health Science Center in 2006 will be honored on Thursday, March 8, at 3 p.m. in Luibel Hall. Everyone is invited to attend and applaud the honorees, and enjoy a reception in the Atrium following the program.

30 Years
Michael L. Budd, PhD
Russell G. Gamber, DO, MPH
Bruce G. Gilfillan, DO
Ywanda J.Kimbrough

25 Years
James R. Hall, PhD
Linda Howard
Marylouise Lindsey
Cordelia Mustiful
Kim K. Schaade
Minnie Zavala

20 Years
John M. Chapman, DO
Linda J. LaRose
Nancy B. Lee
Sharon M. Lee
Stephen R. Woodall

15 Years
Winnie J. Arnold
Robert K. Baggett
Laura S. Barber
Judy G. Cambron, MBA
Arvivian F. Clark
Jerry L. Culp
Isabel Estrada
Steven J. Fogoros
Gail Hebert
Pamela R. Little
Robert R. Luedtke, PhD
Lisa A. Marquez
Vickie R. Maxfield-Small
Carmon B. Mays
Hilda O. Mendoza-Alvarez, MPH
Irene P. Mullins, RN
Gregoria P. Perez
Lydia R. Salas
Michael L. Smith, PhD
Cynthia M. Taylor
Cleatus J. Wallis, PhD


10 Years
Brenetta Y. Ashley
Cathy Bell-Horner
Janice C. Boozer, RN
Julian Borejdo, PhD
Susie Bryson
LeJuan Sims Byford, MBA
Larry D. Clark
Howard F. Clarke, Jr., PA-C
Dave Crane
Andrew D. Crim
Christopher M. De Fiebre, PhD
Sondra Lynn England
Anthony Everitt
Michael B. Gatch, PhD
Carolyn M. Hanna
Kathleen C. Harris
Ren-Qi Huang, PhD
Henry R. Lemke, PA-C
Nettie Jeanie Luckhoo, MA
Lisa C. Maldonado
Tony G. Martinez
Porunelloor Mathew, PhD
Kelly Kendrick McMillin
Sallie S. Morris
Patti Pagels, PA-C
Belinda Ray, LVN
Robbye Richards, DO
Laura L. Rourke
Lisa A. Sansom
Lynn Scott
Jon C. Sivoravong, DO
Amy Lee Smuts
Glenda G. Voorhees
Phillip C. Williamson, PhD

5 Years
Victor J. Anguiano
Xavier G. Aranda, MS
Sejong Bae, PhD
Mazen B. Barakat
Edward B. Bleker, PhD
Kathy D. Broyles, MLS
Carol A. Burns
Shande Chen, PhD
Yung S. Chen, DO
Zheng Lan Chen, PhD
Diane Chew
James C. Chiang
Hazel A. Dueboay
Diana H. Dunn
Virginia Flores
Desarae Gomez
Marc B. Hahn, DO
Louise Hall
Jason Hartley
Martha B. Horsman
Elizabeth A. Hunter, LVN
Marsha Jennings
Janet A. Jowitt, RN
Karen M. Kindler, PA-C
Peter Koulen, PhD
Debbie L. Lewis, RN
Ran Liu, MD
Laura Lugo
Pattie R. Maurice
Michael K. McFarland, DO
Elizabeth A. Medders
Kelly Denice Miller
Catherine L. Mobley
Susan Evelyn Molina
Guadalupe Munguia, MD, MPH
Virginia P. Pearce
Janna M. Peretti, MPAS, PA-C
Terry K. Perry
Louise T. Price
Mark E. Pulse
Terry L. Rogers
Connie P. Ross
Susan F. Ross
Margaret A. Rutledge, PhD
Analuz Chiapa Scifres
Cathy I Shearman
Meharvan Singh, PhD
Reanna K. Siordia
Jimmy L. Smith
Matthew James
Gray Stringer
Linda A. Stucker
Leslie Ann Tabor
Michelle H. Taylor
Elizabeth Trevino, MPH,DrPH
Rosalyn Y. Turner 
Elaine R. Tyler, LVN
J. Gregory Upp
Mae Wyrick, RN
Albert H. Yurvati, DO

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Photo: Russ Gamber
“We’ve come a long way from the old bowling alley! Throughout the years, our students have always been challenging and inspiring to me. My fellow faculty members have always been supportive. And the staff has been superb. I can honestly say I enjoy coming to work every day, and I’m very excited about our future.”

Russ Gamber, DO, MPH
Department of Osteopathic
Manipulative Medicine
30 Years


Photo: Mike Budd"When I started, TCOM admissions was in a bank building a couple of blocks from the bowling alley. To have been a part of the Health Science Center's growth has just been a phenomenal experience."

Michael Budd, PhD
Clinical Education
30 Years


Photo: Sharon Lee“Teamwork has been so important to me over the years.  I was part of a great team in accounting for 19 years. We were able to all work together – and have fun doing it!”

Sharon Lee
Financial Systems Specialist
20 Years


Photo: Steve Fogoros“Over the past 15 years, I've been able to provide the faculty and staff with tools and services that help them do their jobs better.  It's very satisfying to see the results of my work contribute to the success of the Health Science Center.”

Steve Fogoros
Academic Systems and Programming
15 Years


Photo: Hank Lemke“I came here because I wanted to create opportunities for people.  I’m especially proud of our PA students and alumni, and the contributions they are making to the health of Texas and the nation.”

Hank Lemke, MMS, PA-C
Physician Assistant Studies
10 Years
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