June 15, 2007
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Merit Plan

Even if you couldn’t attend the past couple of Town Hall meetings, you most likely heard through the “HSC Grapevine” something about merit bonuses.

It’s true.

As part of a comprehensive review of our compensation program as it relates to our goal of becoming a “Top 10” Health Science Center – remember our Strategy Map 2006-2007? – the Health Science Center is launching a merit bonus program to recognize and reward our top performers. The first phase of this project involves non-faculty staff only. Faculty members will participate in a separate evaluation system that is geared to their particular teaching, research and, where appropriate, clinical, responsibilities.

Approximately $1 million has been allocated for these one-time bonus awards. The professionals in our Human Resources Department will communicate more with you about the forms, training and logistics… here are the basic requirements and deadlines.

First, who’s eligible?
- Classified and non-classified non-faculty employees
- Library faculty

Who’s not?
- Hourly employees
- Student employees

How will this work?
- All eligible employees will receive a mandatory evaluation on a Health Science Center form that results in a numerical rating. (The current classified employee evaluation form has changed slightly. Two new forms for non-classified employees have been developed.)
- Human Resource Services is currently providing training for managers and supervisors on the completion of the required performance evaluation forms. (See the Daily News for information on the training sessions.)
- Eligibility for a merit bonus will be based on each employee’s evaluation score. Higher evaluation scores will be eligible for larger bonuses. Not every employee will receive a bonus.
- Each department, area or clinic will have a finite amount of merit bonus dollars available to award to its highest-scoring top performers.
- Future merit bonuses will depend on the Health Science Center’s financial status.

What’s the timeline?
- Managers and supervisors must complete evaluations on employees for the evaluation period beginning Sept. 1, 2006.
- Evaluations completed between July 15, 2007, and Sept. 1, 2007, must be in Human Resource Services no later than Sept. 15, 2007.
- Merit bonus payments will be paid in November 2007.

Remember to watch the Daily News for updates on training sessions and stay tuned for more specific information from Human Resource Services. Questions? Non-supervisory employees can ask their supervisors, and supervisors can contact HRS at ext. 2690. UNT HSC Logo  

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