August 3, 2007
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Inundated by e-mail?
Tired of e-mail overload?  Our ITS team works 24/7 to keep external spam out of our Groupwise inboxes. But it’s up to each of us to help fight unwanted e-mail by practicing good e-mail etiquette. How? Use The Daily News, target your e-mails and follow the new procedures for use of newsflashes.

  • Plans are underway to make The Daily News a better communication tool. But in the meantime, contribute to, and refer to, this automated bulletin board-type publication that is e-mailed every day to all Health Science Center Groupwise users by Information Technology Services. It’s currently the official means of broadcasting “need to know today” information to the entire campus community. All Health Science Center employees and students can submit appropriate content by logging in with their Novell user ID and password. Postings for each day must be submitted by midnight the day before. Got ideas for improving The Daily News? E-mail

  • Create your own Groupwise address books for those groups you need to e-mail regularly. Don’t send a bulk e-mail to all 1,500 Health Science Center employees if your message only pertains to 15 of them. Respect the time and attention of your colleagues by targeting your e-mail messages. And a reminder:  All Health Science Center e-mails are public information. As stated in existing policies, “departments and individuals should be judicious in sending e-mail to all faculty, staff and/or students.”

  • Newsflashes are campus-wide e-mails that are – according to longstanding Information Resources Standards and Policies – urgent or emergency communications that are important for all the Health Science Center family to know immediately. Examples of appropriate newsflashes are weather warnings, late or early closings, power failures and pertinent event information that becomes available after midnight and therefore could not be posted in The Daily News. As of Aug. 1, the following departments and individuals (or their designees) are authorized to send newsflash e-mails.

Campus Police
Gary Gailliard
Carmon Mays

Community Engagement
Greg Upp

Stephen Barrett

Finance and Administration
Sharon Auvenshine
Rene Lewis-Arcand
Steve Russell

Human Resource Services
Louise Hall
Rand Horsman

Information Technology Services Helpdesk
Lynley Dungan

ITS Web Services
Cleatus Wallis

Jean Tips
Lauren LaFleur

President’s Office
Chris Kalish
Gayanne Clemens
Courteney Umosen

Safety Office
Rodney Barton
James Sims



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