September 21, 2007
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Coming soon: new electronic payroll procedures

Shortly after the first of the new year, paper paychecks will be practically obsolete here at the Health Science Center. With few exceptions, all employees will be required to either have their wages direct deposited to the financial institutions of their choice or participate in a Visa payday debit card program. The new electronic procedures are part of an ongoing effort to cut costs and increase efficiencies at the Health Science Center by adopting a “paperless payroll payday.”

Payroll Director Connie Ross says the majority of Health Science Center employees already use direct deposit. For those who are used to holding a paper check in their hand every payday, she offers the following benefits of changing to direct deposit or using the new Visa payday debit card:

-Timely, electronic pre-loading of salary funds to the debit card
- Immediate access to funds, even on Health Science Center holidays that fall on state-mandated paydays
- No check-cashing fees (usually 2-10 percent of the check amount)
- Convenient, 24-hour access to funds at ATMs and many retail locations
- Safer than carrying checks or large sums of cash
- The “prestige” of having a Visa debit card
- 24/7 bilingual customer service support via phone or website for debit card holders

According to Ross, there are three circumstances under which salary payments by check rather than direct deposit may be necessary or suitable:

1. An employee hired for fewer than 90 days may be paid by check. If employment is extended, direct deposit is required.

2. If an employee is not able to establish a direct deposit account, the Health Science Center assist the employee in applying for a Visa payday debit card. If the debit card fee causes an employee’s wages to fall below minimum wage, checks will be allowed.

3. If an employee certifies that payment by direct deposit or debit card would be impractical and/or more costly than payment by check, checks will be allowed.

The Payroll Office will distribute more details about new electronic payroll procedures through The Daily News GroupWise e-mails and letters to employees who still receive paper checks. If you have questions now, call ext. 2594 or e-mail UNT HSC Logo


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