March 6, 2009
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Marco Mendoza

Marco Mendoza
Assistant Director, Employee Relations
Human Resource Services (HRS)

How long have you worked here, and what did you do before joining UNTHSC?
I began employment at the Health Science Center on Sept. 11, 2000. Prior to joining the Health Science Center and moving to Fort Worth, I attended McMurry University in Abilene, Texas. 

Describe your typical day at work.
This is a really hard one to answer. I don’t really have a typical day. I walk into work every day not knowing what the day will bring. The majority of my time is spent reviewing discipline and meeting with employees and managers to guide them through issues. It is important to determine the root of a problem; therefore these meetings generally require a lot of counseling. In addition, I facilitate the Complaint/Grievance and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes.

What's the best part about working at the Health Science Center?
Opportunity – I was given a great opportunity to come into this institution as a recent college graduate and to prove myself. I have been given a chance to work in various areas of HRS (Recruitment, Compensation, Employee Relations), which has given me a broad view of the department as a whole, and I bring experience from each of my prior assignments to my current position in Employee Relations.

Growth - From an institutional perspective, our growth is definitely something to be proud of. I remember parking in a very small gravel parking lot in the location our current staff parking garage now stands. When the construction on the garage started, we were bused from Farrington Field on University to the HSC campus, talk about having to be at work early! 

Respect – The HRS team has a strong sense of respect for one another. We have our differences of opinion but work through any discord by being open and willing to listen to the reasons for the disagreement. We all understand that we have a mission to serve the best interests of the UNTHSC community.

Is there any other information that you would like to share with the campus community about your position or your department?
Your Human Resource Services Department is here for you.  Like with any organization, we have policies, federal and state, that we must abide by. We are here to ensure that those regulations are followed and to assist YOU in any way we can.  I encourage our employees to use this resource to help you when possible. It would be nice if my position was not necessary, but since we live in an imperfect world that is not the case! So let us help you work through difficult issues so that you can focus on the important things: supporting our students, faculty and each other. We are fortunate to have a job in the current economic times, and with the worries we face outside of work we shouldn’t be stressed about coming to work.

What do you like to do when you aren't at the Health Science Center?
I LOVE food!  I enjoy trying new restaurants in the Metroplex. My other passion is travel. In November I took a trip to Bali, Indonesia and Disney World in Florida, a strange combination of places to visit, I know. I try to visit a new place about twice a year. In June I am traveling to Seychelles, South Africa. I am fascinated by other cultures and their way of life. I find that the people in some of the poorest countries I have visited really know how to enjoy life. Life is not as fast and the simple thing, like dinner with friends and family, is a true experience that lasts for hours. My most memorable travel accomplishment was climbing the San Perito Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina.

My immediate family and friends are a vital part of my life. My wonderful parents, sister, brother-in law, and nephew live in West Texas but we see each other often. I could go on for days about each of them. UNTHSC end logo

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