April 17, 2009
  Feature Story


Denison results show improvements

2007 - 617 participants 2009 - 714 participants

Denison Survey Results 2007 Denison Survey Results 2009

In March, faculty and staff took the time to complete the Denison Organizational Culture Survey.  The Denison Survey is designed to assess our values and beliefs that serve as the foundation for our behaviors and make up what we call our culture. Fifty-eight percent of the faculty and staff responded, a 5 percent increase over 2007 results, the last time the survey was given. Overall, faculty and staff gave our mission, which includes vision, goals and objectives, and strategic direction, the highest scores. Consistency with our core values also rated highly with faculty and staff. Overall, the commitment to our mission is strong, but our involvement and adaptability scores, though higher than our scores in 2007, still have room for improvement.  Overall the results define our culture as one that places a high emphasis on a clear vision that is matched by our strategic direction, goals, and objectives as is supported by a clear understanding of our core values.

The Executive Team has discussed the results and is developing plans on how to maintain our strengths and to address the opportunities for improvement.  Additional staff and faculty input will be integrated into action plans later this spring.


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