July 17, 2009
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Christine Moranetz
“I'm a ‘binder queen’ ... with all the projects I'm involved with, I have to keep things organized. Everything goes in a binder, is tabbed, highlighted and dated. I've learned this organization style over the years, and it works for me. Colleagues usually know that I have the information they need tucked away in one of those binders,” Dr. Moranetz said.

Christine A. Moranetz, PhD - “Dr. Chris”
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
School of Public Health
How long have you worked here, and what did you do before joining the UNT Health Science Center?  
I moved to Fort Worth and was hired by the Health Science Center in May 2008. It's hard to believe I've been here over a year ... time has certainly passed quickly.

Before coming here, I was at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, Kan. Since 1991, I served many capacities in the School of Medicine — most of them in the Department of Preventive Medicine & Public Health. As director of special projects, I worked on the creation of the Institute of Community and Public Health — an entity that will develop into a School of Public Health.  For several years, I served as the interim MPH director, and for 10 years, I was course director for the Introduction to Clinical Medicine for first-year medical students. Prior to KU Medical Center, I worked for many years at Saint Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., directing their Health Promotion Department. And, I have experience in graduate medical education, having served as a faculty member for a family medicine residency program, also in Kansas City, Mo.
What are your job duties at the Health Science Center?
My role is to provide strategic vision, expertise and leadership in academic initiatives and curricular development strategies that enhance program and degree offerings in public health. This means that I do a lot of program review, development and planning — for students and for faculty. I direct the Doctor in Public Health Practice (DrPH) degree program with its new focus in leadership and management, and coordinate the development of a new PhD program in Public Health Sciences.

As for a typical day — I don't know that there is one. There are always lots of meetings to attend, committees to chair, academic programs to develop, reports to be written — all of which impact our School of Public Health and our institution's accreditation. And, a day rarely goes by without some surprises!
The Health Science Center’s values are compassion, integrity, excellence, pride, innovation and teamwork.  Can you give an example of how your department or your coworkers demonstrate one of these values?
I appreciate the Health Science Center's values and hope that I share them well when I work with students and mentor faculty members. I'm passionate about my profession and want to share it with others. Wherever I've been, I've served as a "change agent" in some capacity. I think I bring innovation to what we do, and through engaging others in the process, they take pride in developing improved programs and learn to work well with a team. I'm pretty blessed to be where I am — to be having fun while working hard and enjoying life!
What's the best part about working at the Health Science Center?
I recently received a promotion after just being here a year — that means a great deal to me. I appreciate the confidence that Dean Kurz has placed in my abilities, the support I get from peers across the Health Science Center and the collegiality that faculty within the school share with me.

What do you like to do when you aren't at the Health Science Center?
I enjoy swimming and walking, and for years I did competitive ballroom dancing. I also love to salsa and merengue. I recently got selected to the Class of 2010 for Leadership Fort Worth and am excited about getting more engaged within the community.
Is there anything else you would like to share?
The School of Public Health is in a great place right now. We're growing and making a difference in the Health Science Center and in the community. It's exciting that this year's Gala benefits our 10th anniversary, and we're hopeful that the Fort Worth community will learn more about the importance of public health and how they can help us make a difference for the citizens of Texas.

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