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Posted: February 25, 2013

Coumadin Clinic teaches tactics, solutions for UNT Health patients

Minor cuts, bumps, and scrapes usually are no big deal, but for patients taking the blood-thinner Coumadin, even a paper cut can have major consequences. Teaching those patients everything they need to know about this powerful, life-saving medication is the goal of UNT Health's new Coumadin Clinic, located on the 2nd floor at the Patient Care Center at 855 Montgomery Street in Fort Worth. 

Coumadin prevents blood from clotting and is often used to prevent heart attacks, strokes and pulmonary emboli.

"Patients with atrial fibrillation, heart-valve replacements, previous blood clots or other blood clotting disorders are at a higher risk for developing clots and need the protection that Coumadin offers," says Michael Nye, PA-C, who joined UNT Health in August 2012 and runs the Coumadin Clinic. "This medication requires special care and we want our patients to have the best outcome from taking it."

PA Nye works closely with the patient's cardiologist and/or primary care physician to create a team approach to medication management.

"It's vitally important that the patient communicate about every medication they are taking, whether it's a prescription, an herbal remedy, dietary supplements, vitamins or anything else," PA Nye says. "Coumadin can counteract with both the food that is eaten and medications taken, so it's important to the patient's health to let their physician know exactly what's going into their system. Our goal is to provide the best quality care to our patients and education is an essential part of achieving that goal."

To make an appointment with the Coumadin Clinic, you will need a referral from either your primary care physician or cardiologist. UNT Health accepts most insurance plans. For more information, contact 817-735-DOCS (3627).


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