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Posted: May 29, 2002


FORT WORTH, Texas— Residents at Hunter Plaza Apartments now have access to medical care within their apartment building, thanks to a new on-site clinic.

Geriatric specialists from UNT Health Science Center are now seeing patients age 62 and older at a newly established clinic at Hunter Plaza.

“Convenient health care becomes even more crucial to older patients. Having a clinic close by means that health issues can be addressed quickly and monitored regularly,” said Janice Knebl, DO, a certified geriatrician and chief of geriatrics in internal medicine.

The Hunter Plaza geriatric clinic is located at 602 West Second Street in downtown Fort Worth. Owned by the Fort Worth Housing Authority, the apartment complex is home to more than 200 residents, many of whom are elderly.

UNT Health Science Center has a long-standing commitment to improving the care provided to the growing population of those over age 65. The health science center was among the first in the country to offer specialized medical training in geriatric care and conduct research into aging issues. It was the first medical school in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to establish a geriatric fellowship program, which offers physicians, dentists and behavioral mental health professionals advanced training in caring for elderly patients.

The Hunter Plaza geriatric clinic is operated by the Physicians & Surgeons Medical Group, one of the largest physician practices in north Texas. Services are offered through the division of geriatrics of the department of internal medicine.

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