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Posted: June 11, 2014

Athletic life restored – no surgery required

Robin Ward and Kendi Hensel

Robin Ward is a busy sales rep who runs in a charity 10K race every month and likes to relax with yoga, tennis and golf. But a year ago, her car was T-boned on her way to a Junior League meeting. Whiplash put her out of commission.

"I should have gone straight to the hospital," said Ward, a Dallas resident, "but I had a run coming up, plus I was traveling that weekend."

Her neck got worse in a few days. "I could barely turn my head. My neck and shoulder hurt all the time. Driving was very hard."

She sought help from several providers, including a physical therapist, chiropractor and massage therapist. At a dead end, she reluctantly began considering surgery.

Then she found Kendi Hensel, DO, PhD, Associate Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. After six osteopathic manipulative treatments at UNT Health Science Center's Patient Care Center, "I'm back to normal," Ward said. "It's amazing. Dr. Hensel took the time to understand me and treat the whole person, the 'me' who needs to run."  

Said Dr. Hensel, "I tailor the treatment plan to the patient's lifestyle. Patients like Robin find it hard to throttle back on their exercise."

In addition to manipulative treatment, Dr. Hensel said, "I helped Robin figure out what she can do to stay active, yet not aggravate her injury.

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