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Posted: July 24, 2014

Treatments to help a mom hug her children

Daniel Clearfield and Valerie Guerrero

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Valerie Guerrero wanted to hug her kids.

But a severe knot of pain in her shoulder prevented her from making such common movements as putting her arms around her children or washing her hair.

She saw several doctors and underwent physical therapy, but nothing relieved the pain. She was prepared to give up hope when her physical therapist recommended she call Daniel Clearfield, DO, a sports medicine physician at UNT Health Science Center.

Dr. Clearfield examined Guerrero and promptly diagnosed her with suprascapular neuropathy, a rare condition in which a nerve that supplies the shoulder muscles is compressed. Because it is uncommon, it is often misdiagnosed as a rotator cuff injury.

"Dr. Clearfield really listened to my entire story and was able to diagnose my rare condition very quickly," Guerrero said. "I was so impressed at how compassionate he was about my situation."

Within minutes of her first treatment, an injection procedure known as a nerve hydrodissection to help relieve compression on the nerve, Guerrero felt less pain.

Since that procedure, Dr. Clearfield has performed osteopathic manipulative treatments on Guerrero. Those, coupled with physical therapy, has led to her recovery.

"Valerie had been through a lot before she came to see me, so I am very thankful I have been able to be a part of her process of healing," Dr. Clearfield said. "I am glad that I have been able to make connections and partnerships with physical therapists and other physicians in the area so I can offer my patients better care and more treatment options."

Said Guerrero: "Dr. Clearfield helped me get better so I can be the mom I need to be and helped me regain my quality of life. I am so thankful for him."

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