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Posted: February 21, 2007

Rapid Autopsy Program director speaks at Health Science Center


Dr. Anuja Ghorpade, executive vice chair of pharmacology and experimental neuroscience at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, will present a special seminar entitled “Building a Rapid Autopsy Program in an Academic Institution: Lessons from Nebraska” on Feb. 26 at noon in LIB 110 (the mini auditorium) on the UNT Health Science Center campus.

Dr. Ghorpade is the scientific director of the Rapid Autopsy Program, Center for Neurovirology and Neurodegenerative Disorders, University of Nebraska Medical Center  (UNMC).  The Rapid Autopsy Program was developed in 2000 by UNMC as a possible mechanism for procuring adult brain cells used in UNMC’s research into neurodestructive diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and AIDS-related dementia.

The program also involves brain banking and provides tissue specimens for research in neurodegenerative disease mechanisms. For the cells obtained from a rapid brain autopsy to be suitable for research, the autopsy must be performed within a short time after a person’s death. The challenges in developing this initiative, reflecting experiences from more than a hundred autopsies over five years, will be presented during this seminar.

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