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Posted: July 08, 2010

Faculty ‘Academy’ created to further educational excellence

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The UNT Health Science Center has created an Academy of Medical Educators (AME) that is dedicated to educational excellence through formal faculty training directed at developing new approaches to organizing curricular activities and instructional methods.

"We are assisting faculty in the creation of a learning environment that helps students transform declarative knowledge -- knowledge of ‘what' -- into procedural knowledge -- knowledge of ‘how to,'" said Frank Papa, DO, associate dean for curricular design and faculty development. "This development program will assist our faculty to teach students to do more than just memorize facts before they enter clinical rotations. Our pre-clinical program will enable our students to apply clinically relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes from day one on their clinical rotations."

The AME consists of approximately 50 faculty members and will meet every Wednesday morning to review learning theories, curricular design elements, classroom activities, and instructional methods of particular importance to developing clinically relevant competencies in medical students.

If you are with the media and need additional information or would like to arrange an interview,
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