Consortium for Collaborative Osteopathic Research Development - Practice Based Research Network (CONCORD-PBRN)

Nominatinations for Membership Currently Being Accepted

Are you interested in collaborating with CONCORD-PBRN? We are currently accepting nominations for new members to help conduct clinical research. Please click here for the nomination form. Please return completed forms to John C. Licciardone, DO, MS, MBA, executive director, by email to


To provide the evidence base for osteopathic medicine by conducting patient-centered research today and training the investigators of tomorrow.


CONCORD-PBRN is a pathway for physicians who are interested in conducting clinical research with the support of an established research center.

A network of trained physician researchers working in partnership with the ORC would substantially increase the impact of clinical research on developing an evidence base for osteopathic medicine. Having a network of physician researchers with centralized support and guidance means that no one practice or individual bears an unrealistic burden to recruit subjects for a study.


The ORC is planning to offer a 12-week webinar training series focused on conducting clinical research in the spring of 2015 focused on the conducting clinical research. Topics covered during the "Fundamentals of Practice-Based Research" series are:

Week 1
Overview (1)

Week 2
The Research Question (2)

Week 3
Choosing Study Subjects (3) / Planning Measurements (4)

Week 4
Sample Size and Statistical Power (5, 6)

Week 5
Cross-Sectional and Cohort Studies (7)

Week 6
Case-Control Studies (8)

Week 7
Randomized Controlled Trials (10)

Week 8
Alternative Clinical Trial Designs and Implementation Issues (11)

Week 9
Studies of Medical Tests (12)

Week 10
Designing Questionnaires, Interviews, and Surveys (15)

Week 11
Ethical Issues (14)

Week 12
Putting it All Together

*Textbook: Hulley et al, Designing Clinical Research (4rd ed), 2013,Wolters Kluwer/ Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Numbers in
the parentheses refer to textbook chapters. Course sessions will cover and supplement the corresponding textbook chapters.

Purchasing the book is the only cost associated with the course.

Click here to provide your input about the timing of the upcoming training series

The CONCORD-PBRN is coordinated by The Osteopathic Research Center. Directors of the CONCORD-PBRN are:

CONCORD-PBRN Executive Director
John C. Licciardone, DO, MS, MBA

CONCORD-PBRN Research Assistant Director
Cathleen Kearns, BA

CONCORD-PBRN Associate Director
Hollis H. King, DO, PhD, FAAO
University of California at San Diego
Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

CONCORD-PBRN Eastern Regional Director
Wm. Thomas Crow, DO, FAAO
University of North Texas Health Science Center
Professor, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

CONCORD-PBRN Western Regional Director
Michael Seffinger, DO, FAAFP
Western University of Health Sciences-College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, Pomona, CA
Chair, Neuromusculoskeletal/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Department

CONCORD-PBRN Advisory Board
Members of the advisory board in addition to the CONCORD-PBRN directors listed above include:

Grace Brannan, PhD
Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine
COM/OPTI Research Directors Representative

Michael B. Clearfield, DO
Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine
COM Deans Representative

Stanley Grogg, DO
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences-College of Osteopathic Medicine
COM/OPTI Research Directors Representative

Richard A. Vincent, MBA
Osteopathic Heritage Foundations
Program Advisor

Peter Zajac, DO
Pikeville University-Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine
Inaugural Class Representative

Members of the CONCORD-PBRN are:

Reem Abu-Sbaih, DO
Old Westbury, NY

Murray Berkowitz, DO, MA, MS, MPH
Suwanee, GA

John Bowling, DO
Fort Worth, TX

D'Arcie Chitwood, DO, MPH
San Angelo, TX

William Devine, DO
Glendale, AZ

Robin Dyer, DO
Tulsa, OK

Marcel Fraix, DO
Pomona, CA

Deborah Heath, DO
Mesa, AZ

Amber Heck, PhD
Parker, CO

Stephen Miller, DO, MPH
Harrogate, TN

Natalie Nevins, DO, MSHPE
Downey, CA

Mark Sanders, DO, MPH, JD
Fort Worth, TX

Sandra Sleszynski, DO
Corvalis, OR

Kevin Treffer, DO
Kansas City, MO

Scott Winter, MD
Fort Worth, TX

Peter Zajac, DO
Pikeville, KY

CONCORD-PBRN is registered with the Agency for Heathcare Research and Quality as a primary care practice-based research network. Click here to view certificates from 2011-2014.

For more information about CONCORD-PBRN, please contact:

John C. Licciardone, DO, MS, MBA
Executive Director
The Osteopathic Research Center
UNT Health Science Center
3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard, CBH 417
Fort Worth, TX 76107-2699
Phone: 817.735.2028

Cathleen Kearns
Research Assistant Director
The Osteopathic Research Center
UNT Health Science Center
3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard, CBH 413
Fort Worth, TX 76107-2699
Phone: 817.735.0515