Committee Representatives

Committee Name Purpose
Alumni Association Committee

This committee is chaired by the 2nd Vice-President of the Student Council of the MSGA. The 2nd VP serves as the Student Council Liaison to the TCOM Alumni Association and attends any of the meetings of the Alumni Board. The 2nd VP updates the alumni as to the status of the student body, and reports back to the Student Council events or issues concerning the Alumni Association.

Representative: Heather Brandfellner Class of 2009

Committee Name Purpose
Curriculum Committee

The 1st Vice-President of the MSGA Student Council, or his/her designate, chairs this committee and attends all Curriculum Committee meetings. The 1st VP/designate reports back to the MSGA Student Council on current topics of discussion. The 1st VP/designate also works with the Curriculum Committee representatives from each class on important issues, so that students have a unified voice in the meetings.

Representative: Buddy Tierce, Class of 2008

Committee Name Purpose
Health Promotions

The Health Promotions committee chair attends the monthly health promotions committee meetings and reports any updates or concerns at the MSGA monthly meetings.

Representative: Hetal Gadhia, Class of 2010

Committee Name Purpose
MSGA Bylaws

The bylaws committee addresses concerns related to the MSGA bylaws as they arise. This committee also provides suggestions for modifications so that the bylaws best serve our organization.

Representative: Rick Grey, Class of 2009

Committee Name Purpose
Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee is in charge of putting together TCOM's official newsletter, “The LINK”. The MSGA President, All the Class Presidents, the TOMA representative of the MSGA, as well as anyone who would like to write an article addressed to the health science center submits articles to the Newsletter Committee, and we put them all together in a format that is both easy and entertaining to read. Other portions, such as the Comics and Dear Abby have also been added. “The LINK” is distributed free to all the students of the medical school, the PA School, all department heads, as well as most faculty.

Representative: Kiran Nair, Class of 2009

Committee Name Purpose

The Research committee serves to promote Osteopathic research at the medical school level. Many students are expected to do research as part of their residency program. This committee maintains close contact with the research club on campus in effort to keep the students more informed.

Representative: to be filled

Committee Name Purpose
Student Activities Committee

Ranchland...Casino Night...Spring where people from all aspects of TCOM join together to let down their hair and have a good time. However, if it were not for the Student Activities Committee (SAC), these gatherings would cease to be. The Student Activities Committee is the forum for the planning and organization of the social activities of campus. This is accomplished through the collaborative effort of SAC members, student representatives from TCOM, the Graduate school, the Physician Assistant Program, and The School of Public Health.

Representative: Neha Patel, Class of 2009

Committee Name Purpose
Student Advocacy Committee

Chaired by the 2nd Vice-President of the MSGA Student Council, this committee works with the individual class Student Advocacy Committees to ensure that the needs of the students are being met. Various sub-committees (e.g., Support, Sports Activities, etc.) are established to achieve this goal.

Representative: Jeb Frost, Class of 2008

Committee Name Purpose
Student Organizations Committee

The Student Organizations Committee is involved in overseeing all the student organizations on campus. It is responsible for reviewing the formula funding requests of all the clubs each spring and determining the money allocated. This committee also oversees the National Osteopathic Medicine Week activities.


Committee Name Purpose
Texas Osteopathic Medical Association Committee

The MSGA Student Council President is the official student representative to the TOMA Board of Trustees and maintains a position of ex-officio. The MSGA President is a voting member of the TOMA Board of Trustees. This committee consists of the MSGA President, or his/her designate, and also the two TOMA representatives from each class (MS-I, MS-II, MS-III). The TOMA Committee serves as the primary group of student representatives to accomplish TOMA student events and to maintain student input to TOMA on behalf of TCOM. The Chair of this committee reports back to the MSGA Student Council after each Board of Trustees meeting, which meets about four times annually.

(For information on TOMA in-house committees, please refer to the "TOMA Administrative Guide" and the "TOMA Committee List" on the TOMA website -- accessible under our "Links" menu.)

Representative: Buddy Tierce, Class of 2008

Committee Name Purpose

This committee maintains and updates the MSGA website!

Representative: Jessica Toler, Class of 2010

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