Who We Are

The members of the Student Council consist of the following duly elected officers from each TCOM class: the three MSGA Student Council representatives, the Vice-President, and the President. Please refer to our Members section to see the current students serving on the MSGA Student Council.

As stated in our Bylaws, the Student Council of the MSGA has the following purposes:

  • to formulate and execute policy on matters relating to the MSGA
  • to budget and disburse funds, both those derived from student activities and other revenues in accordance with the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth Fiscal Regulations Handbook and Purchasing Manual, and with Texas state statutes and regulations
  • to coordinate student activities
  • to coordinate student participation in faculty or administrative activities where student participation is requested
  • to provide representation for the MSGA before the faculty, administration or any other body or entity within or outside of the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine.

An additional note:
The MSGA Council typically meets on the first Tuesday evening of every month. These meetings are open to any student interested in attending. However, to attend you must contact the MSGA Secretary to express your interest. This can be done directly through the Executive Council page.

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