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The Vision of UNT Health Science Center is to become a top 10 health science center.

To further its Vision, the center strives to identify itself as:

  • a center of excellence in educating the primary health care team of the future- physicians, public health practitioners and physician assistants - with an integrated medical curriculum appropriate to the challenges of 21st Century medicine, and a thriving school of public health and physician assistant program;
  • a nationally-recognized center of research excellence, and a leader in entrepreneurial biomedicine, forging effective partnerships with corporate entities as well as other health science centers in the state with a comprehensive graduate school that is a leader in biomedical science education;
  • an institution at the forefront of medical practice among academic health centers, expanding clinical research and community-based care with increasing collaborative specialty practice and training; and
  • an institution committed to diversity of students, faculty and staff, with a focus on recruiting Texas students and providing health care, public health and science professionals for Texas.

Further, our vision is to be identified as:

  • an institution that fosters a culture of high morale, quality, caring and trust; where we function as a group of professionals who treat each other with a sense of civility and respect, promoting intellectual collegiality and fun;
  • an institution with a common sense of purpose that reaches across schools and support units, seeking to eliminate internal barriers and competition, and where openness and willingness to share are standard operating procedure;
  • a thriving health science center with decreasing reliance on state funds where the institution grows through viable, ongoing development efforts, enhanced leading-edge research programs, a healthy medical practice plan and growing enrollment;
  • an institution that manages information resources in a integrated and coordinated manner; and
  • a contributor to and a leader in our local community with a cohesive, community-recognized campus

This page last updated Sep 13, 2011
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