MAY 17, 1999


FORT WORTH, Texas -- Musicians, health professionals and the public are invited to attend a presentation on the occupational injuries of musicians and how these are being treated.

Dr. Richard E. Lederman, a neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, and director of the Cleveland Clinic Medical Center for Performing Artists, will speak at a continuing medical education program at the UNT Health Science Center May 26. The program, "Music in Medicine," will be held from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. in the health science center’s Everett Hall, located in Medical Education Building Two, room 106.

Program supporters are Dr. Bernard Rubin of the Fort Worth health science center and Dr. Kris Chesky of the University of North Texas, Denton. They are co-directors of the Texas Center for Music & Medicine, a joint research and treatment program.

Dr. Lederman has been a member of the Department of Neurology at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation since 1973. He is a founder of the Performing Arts Medicine Association, and is co-editor of the book, Performing Arts Medicine.

More information on the program is available from the health science center’s Office of Continuing Medical Education at (817) 735-2539. Reservations are not required. The UNT Health Science Center is located at 3500 Camp Bowie Blvd. in Fort Worth’s Cultural District.

The Texas Center for Music and Medicine was established in 1998 to study, treat and prevent disorders related to careers in music. The center is led by Bernard Rubin, D.O., chief of rheumatology in the health science center’s Physicians & Surgeons Medical Group, and Kris Chesky, Ph.D., research assistant professor in the College of Music at UNT.