May 18, 2007
  2007 Student Awards

Nick and Diane Wynn, and Merly Mathew

Joseph Rodriguez

SPH awards

And the winner is ...

School of Public Health graduates were honored at their banquet on May 4 at the Hilton Fort Worth. Over 50 awards were given at this year’s banquet… two of them for the first time.


One of the new awards is the Fernando Trevino, PhD, MPH, Leadership Award. It was presented to Joseph Rodriguez for professionalism, leadership, integrity and fostering a positive public health image. As president of the Public Health Student Associatio, Joseph was instrumental in helping develop a three-year course matrix that made it easier for students to plan their coursework. He also took a leadership role during the CEPH accreditation when the student representatives met with the site team. Joseph was selected for this award by Dr. Fernando Trevino, former dean of the School of Public Health.

The second new award – The Phoenick's Award – recognized Merly Mathew for overcoming adversity. She completed her master’s degree despite losing her mother to cancer. The award was presented by Diane Wynn, director of SPH student and academic services, and her son Nick, for whom the award is named. The award was created by Diane in honor of her first year as a cancer survivor.

2007 School of Public Health Awards

Heather Tasa  - Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, Research Award for excellence and quality in the application of research methods

Ashley Garrett - Leon Brachman Community Service Award for academic excellence leadership and community service

Joyce Hood and Dr. Deepak Prabhakar - Bob J. Crow Outstanding MPH Graduate Award for those who best exemplify the caliber of graduate for which the master’s program at the School of Public Health wants to be known

Kimberly Fulda - Outstanding DrPH Graduate Award for the student who best exemplifies the caliber of graduate for which the doctoral program at the School of Public Health wants to be known

Joseph Rodriguez - Fernando Trevino, PhD, MPH, Leadership Award for the student who exhibits leadership initiative by upholding the principles of professionalism and integrity, fostering a positive public health image and demonstrating a commitment to community service

Merly Mathew - Phoenick’s Award for the student who exhibits extraordinary resilience, an enthusiasm for life despite its challenges, strength of character and determination in achieving academic goals


Public Health Student Association Awards

Dr. Kathryn Cardarelli - Outstanding Public Health Faculty Award
Dr. Martha Felini - Outstanding Public Health Advisor Award
Hazel Dueboay - Outstanding Public Health Staff Member Award
Kelly Ylitalo - Outstanding Public Health Student Award
Nicki McGee - Outstanding Service to the Public Health Student Association Awards
Marcus Mitias - Outstanding Contributions to Public Health Week 2007


Outstanding Students by Department

Dr. William Germann - Biostatistics – MPH
Harrison Ndetan - Biostatistics – MPH
Kimberly Fulda - Biostatistics – DrPH
Joyce Hood - Environmental & Occupational Health – MPH
Lori Rodríguez - Epidemiology – MPH
Rohit Ojha - Epidemiology – DrPH
Andrea Lorden - Health Management & Policy – MPH
Jaime Gonzalez - Health Management & Policy – DrPH        
Lada Alexeenko - Social & Behavioral Sciences – MPH
Martha Montiel Carbajal - Social & Behavioral Sciences – DrPH    

Research Appreciation Day Awards

Ana Luz Chiapa - Oral Presentation – First Place
Harrison Ndetan - Oral Presentation – Second Place
Julius Larry - Poster Presentation – First Place
Lori Rodriguez - Poster Presentation – Second Place             
Matt Stahl - Poster Presentation – Honorable Mention
Andrea Lorden - Poster Presentation – Honorable Mention
Dean's List MPH

Elizabeth Adcock - Health Management & Policy
Shimona Bhatia - Community Health
Ashley Garrett - Community Health
Dr. William Germann - Biostatistics
Valerie Lynn Harris - Epidemiology
Rachael Jackson - Community Health
Margaret Lonappan - Biostatistics
Yan Lu - Clinical Research
Donna Rodríguez - Community Health
Lori Ann Rodríguez - Epidemiology
Douglas Segars - Community Health
Tanushree Tomer - Biostatistics


Dean's List DrPH

Kimberly Fulda - Clinical Research
Anita Kurian - Clinical Research
Dr. Larry Seagars - Disease Prevention & Control


Delta Omega Inductees

Dr. Claudia Coggin - Faculty - Social & Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Sejong Bae - Faculty - Biostatistics
Dr. Ximena Urrutia-Rojas – Faculty - Social & Behavioral Sciences 
Anisa Dhanani - Spring 2007 MPH Graduate - Community Health
Merly Mathew - Spring 2007 MPH Graduate - Community Health
Shimona Bhatia - Spring 2007 MPH Graduate - Community Health
Ashley Garrett - Spring 2007 MPH Graduate - Community Health
Brandie Williams - Spring 2007 MPH Graduate - Community Health
Rachael Jackson - Current MPH Student - Community Health
Margaret Lonnapan - Current MPH Student - Biostatistics
Andrea Lorden - Current MPH Student - Health Management & Policy
Nikita Phillips - Current DrPH Student - Social & Behavioral Sciences
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