June 15, 2007
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President Scott Ransom and members of the HRM-6 Performance Improvement Committee

Department of Strategy and Measurement names Best Practice Award winners

President Scott Ransom and Thomas Fairchild, VP of strategy and measurement, presented the 2007 Best Practices Awards at a ceremony on May 30. Awards were given in each of the mission-centric areas of the institution for implementing “a technique or methodology that, through experience and research, has proven to be the best path to a desired result.”

The President’s Award went to Human Resource Services for improving the efficiency of the HRM-6 payroll authorization process. They’ve made payroll authorization more efficient by streamlining the steps in the process and making sure their staff is fully trained to implement the process. The changes help ensure that new employees or anyone with a payroll change will get paid on time

A Commendable Best Practice in Academic Affairs went to TCOM Office of Admissions for implementing an imaging and electronic document system that speeds up the admissions process. Now TCOM can make offers to the best applicants faster and hopefully ahead of the competition. The electronic document system also backs up important records and has freed up office space once occupied by paper files… by the way, if you need a filing cabinet, head down to the admissions office!

A Commendable Best Practice in Academic Affairs went to TCOM Educational Programs for the Careers in Medicine Program. The career development program is designed to help students with specialty selection and provide assistance with selection and application to a residency program. The program provides students with resources, information and guidance to help them choose a specialty that will suit their needs.

A Commendable Best Practice in Academic Affairs went to Academic Information Services for the “No Medical Student Left Behind” program.  The program allows faculty to monitor the progress of students throughout their medical training.  Faculty can now identify sooner those students who may need a little extra help.

The Commendable Best Practice in Community Engagement went to Marketing and Communications for improvements and redesign of the Campus Connection newsletter. It’s now bimonthly, all on-line and sent to your inbox every first and third Friday.

The Recognized Best Practice in Administration went to the Office of the Registrar for electronic transfer of graduation fees.  Now graduation fees are paid by students with their tuition through EIS instead of through other processes such as interdepartmental transfers.  This ensures that the fees get to the registrar’s office on time and that graduation costs, such as renting the convention center and buying diplomas, are covered.

The Recognized Best Practice in Academic Affairs went to the Office of Financial Aid for implementing online student financial aid entrance and exit counseling. Now students can take required counseling online instead of in person, saving a substantial amount of man hours and saving students a trip to the financial aid office. UNT HSC Logo


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