December 20, 2007
  December History Wall

The Grinch and Dr. Yurvati

December-The Grinch attempts to steal Christmas from
Health Science Center. He was stopped and thrown off
campus by Dr. Al Yurvati. In an ironic twist Dr. Yurvati
later treated internal injuries the Grinch sustained
during the altercation.
Human Identification Lab

December-Dr. Art Eisenberg and the UNT Center for Human Identification help the FBI prove the existence of Santa Claus using DNA evidence left on cookie crumbs in a Fort Worth home.
Center for the Commercialization of Fluorescence Technologies

December-Research by Drs. Zygmunt and Ignacy Gryczynski of UNTHSC's Center for the Commercialization of Fluorescence Technologies determines the source of Rudolph's glowing red nose. (patent pending)
Ransom and Santa December-Santa Claus meets with Dr. Scott B. Ransom
to trim Dr. Ransom's wish list for FY 2008. Santa Claus was heard saying, "He's been good, but he hasn't been that good." UNT HSC Logo


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