March 7, 2008
  HR Update

More training opportunities

Human Resource Services is offering several new training opportunities for HSC employees. If you are interested in attending any of these sessions please contact Cassandra Molavrh at ext. 5091. Keep an eye on the Training Opportunities section of Daily News for future training sessions.


Introduction to Generations in the Workplace
March 20
9am – 11 am
Description: Are you working with co-workers of different generations? Does working with different generations affect your department? This session will introduce the various generations, help you gain a better understanding of each group, and cover ways to help you better communicate.

Train the Trainer
March 21
10 am – 11:30 am
Description: Are you the trainer for your department? Do you train on a regular basis? Do you train small or large groups of individuals? “Train the Trainer” will provide ways to enhance your current training style, give you ideas and suggestions as to how to meet the needs of your audience and help you get to know other trainers on campus who want to share and learn more.

Managing and Motivating Different Generations
March 27
9 am – noon
Description: Are you leading a team composed of individuals from different generations? Do you need to learn different skills for working with people of many generations? This training will build upon the “Introduction to Generations” in the Workplace training on March 20, looking at ways in which you can motivate, create great team synergy, and manage each particular generation.


Effective Interviewing
April 3
9 am – 11 am
Description: This course will help you enhance your skills conducting comprehensive and legal interviews which will enable you to select the best candidate. The training will include the following topics: preparing for an interview, setting the tone, gathering information from applicants, what are legal and illegal questions, closing an interview, and scenario-based exercises.

Mentoring Strategies
April 17
9 am – noon
Description: Are you getting the most out of your employees? Are you getting the most out of your team? If not, this course will teach you ways to get the most out of your employees and teams. All are welcome, especially supervisors, managers, coordinators, and team leads providing feedback and coaching to employees. The training will include: understanding what mentors do and how it relates to coaching, and tools and techniques to mentor your employees and teams.


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