July 18, 2008
  HR Update

Benefits changes for plan year 2009

New HealthSelect prescription drug benefits manager
Starting Sept. 1, 2008, Caremark will replace Medco as the HealthSelectSM of Texas prescription drug benefit manager. Drug copayments, deductible and covered drug list (formulary) are not changing. You can still get your prescriptions from your local pharmacy or mail order.

The Employee Retirement System (ERS) chose to re-bid this contract to get lower program costs and to help keep out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. The new contract with Caremark will save nearly $265 million over the next four years. These projected savings helped to keep HealthSelect medical and drug benefits the same, with no premium increase for Plan Year 2009.

What you need to know about this change:

  • You will get two new HealthSelect cards sent to your home: a medical card from BlueCross BlueShield to show at your doctor’s office and a prescription drug card from Caremark to show at your pharmacy.
  • You can still go to your local pharmacy. You will need to show your new prescription drug ID card to your pharmacist so you pay the right amount.
  • You will continue to fill any new or mail order refill prescriptions with Medco through Aug. 31. Caremark will start filling new mail service prescriptions on Sept. 1.
  • If you have refills left on a mail service prescription after Aug. 31, your refill information will transfer from Medco to Caremark on Sept. 1.
  • Your drug card comes in a welcome kit with more information, including the telephone number for Caremark’s San Antonio customer service center dedicated to HealthSelect participants.

For more information, visit the ERS Web site or read the Time to learn about Caremark PDF file (734 KB) flyer.

TexFlex Flexible Spending Accounts administrative fee
Also starting Sept. 1, 2008, an annual TexFlex administrative fee of $24 will be charged for each of your TexFlex Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). The full $24 administrative fee is reduced from your FSA account balance in your first month of participation. If you are enrolled in both FSA-Health and FSA-Day Care, the $24 administrative fee is reduced from EACH account during the first month of participation. Employees who elect TexFlex for the first time during the plan year are charged a pro-rated administrative fee at the rate of $2 per month, based on the first month of participation.

For more information on changes to FSA-Day Care, FSA-Health, and TexFlexTM Debit Cards, visit the ERS Web site.

Representatives from Caremark and PayFlex, the administrator for the TexFlex Program, will be available to answer any questions you may have about these changes at the Summer Enrollment Fair at the Health Science Center on Aug. 6 from 8 to noon in the Atrium.

Benefits enrollment starts July 28
Need to change your insurance coverage?  The ERS summer enrollment for plan year 2009 is July 28 through Aug. 22, 2008. During Summer Enrollment you can enroll in or change your insurance coverage for Plan Year 2009. If you don’t need to make changes, you don’t have to do anything. Current benefit selections, including TexFlex account deductions, will roll over to the new plan.

A summer enrollment fair will be held at the Health Science Center on Aug. 6 in the Atrium. ERS staff and benefits vendors will provide information and answer questions to help you choose the best benefits for your situation.

Representatives from Human Resource Services (HRS) will hold special sessions to answer questions and assist employees with enrollments and changes on the following dates:

July 30

10 am – noon

PCC 173

August 11

2 – 4 pm

PCC 173

August 13

4 – 6 pm

EAD 291

For more information on ERS summer enrollment, visit the summer enrollment page on the ERS Web site or contact HRS at ext. 2690.

HRS professional development training schedule now online
HRS offers a variety of professional development opportunities for UNTHSC alumni and employees. You can now view schedules and enroll for training on the HRS Web site.  For more information about professional development contact Cassandra Molavrh at ext. 5091. UNTHSC Logo


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