October 3, 2008
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UNT Health Science Center improves employee benefits and compensation

Putting our people first is an important step in achieving our goal of becoming a top-10 health
science center, and it’s a big part of our five-year strategy. The 2008 Employee Satisfaction
Survey and feedback from UNT Health employees revealed that lack of fair pay concerns many
staff members. To help improve employees’ pay, the UNT Health Science Center is emphasizing
fair compensation, rewarding employees for good work and providing more opportunities to
grow. Several improvements have been made over the past two years. And going forward, new
programs will focus on retaining good employees, as well as attracting highly qualified new

Compensation Plans
To retain and attract the best employees, the UNT Health Science Center is updating its
compensation practices so that we compete with other employers in North Texas on a
more equal playing field. Human Resource Services, working closely with members of
the executive staff, has reviewed current staff compensation programs and is creating a
UNT Health Science Center compensation philosophy to include clearer policies, pay-for
performance programs, competitive salaries and career development for all employees.
As an example, to improve our competitiveness in the local market, the UNT Health
Science Center increased the minimum and maximum pay ranges for classified positions
on Sept. 1. Classified employees who were making less than the minimum salary under
the new ranges received a pay increase. Exploration is underway to improve base
compensation for all staff in the future.

Merit Program
For the past two fiscal years, the UNT Health Science Center has offered a merit program
to reward top performers with a one-time monetary bonus. Supervisors recommend
non‐probationary, benefits-eligible staff members for a merit bonus if they meet the
program’s criteria. The bonus is based on employees’ annual evaluations, which have
been updated this year to ensure the process is clearer and fairer. Learn more about the
UNT Health Science Center merit progrgram here.

Professional Development Training
To help employees reach their goals and improve their chances of earning merit
bonuses, the UNT Health Science Center now offers a variety of professional
development opportunities for all staff. Classes on topics including mentoring and
customer service are offered regularly through Human Resource Services. See the
schedule of classes and sign up here.

Leadership Development Institute
To help our leadership guide us toward our goal of top 10, the UNT Health Science
Center created the Leadership Development Institute. Participants were nominated to
be part of the team based on their job responsibilities, demonstrated skills, and current
and potential leadership abilities. Leadership team members from faculty, staff and UNT
Health meet monthly in four-hour sessions to evaluate and develop their skills in
developing teams, effective communication and positioning of the institution, setting
strategic direction, and mentoring. This group also meets monthly with senior leaders to
hear progress on institutional strategy, then cascades that information throughout the

Employee Appreciation Day
The UNT Health Science Center has started a new tradition – Employee Appreciation Day
– to thank and reward employees at the end of the fiscal year. Along with free lunch,
music, games and prizes, each employee also receives a commemorative T-shirt to mark
the event. For the past two years the UNT Health Science Center also has rewarded nonprobationary,
benefits-eligible employees with a one-time monetary bonus on Employee
Appreciation Day. UNTHSC logo

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