April 3, 2009
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Diane Bradley

Diane Bradley
Sr. Executive Assistant
School of Public Health, Office of the Dean

How long have you worked here, and what did you do before joining UNTHSC?
I began work at the Health Science Center in March 2004 - five years ago.  Although my degree is in education, I worked in credit and collections for ABC Radio Group in Arlington, Texas (WBAP, ESPN, KSCS, etc.) prior to working here.

What are your job duties at UNTHSC?
My duties are administrative support for Dr. Richard Kurz, dean of the School of Public Health, which include managing his appointment calendar, taking telephone calls, making travel arrangements, helping with certain School of Public Health (SPH) events, processing purchasing needs, assisting with correspondence, scheduling meetings, taking meeting minutes, funneling the masses of paperwork requiring his signature, and interacting with staff, faculty and community visitors in the Dean's Office reception area.  

Is there anything about your department that faculty, staff and students may not know?
Not everyone may know that Dr. Kurz, in addition to all his responsibilities as dean of the School of Public Health, is also acting chair for Health Management and Policy until a new chair is hired, is co-chair of the Search Committee for the Dean of TCOM; and has been actively recruiting and interviewing for various faculty positions in the SPH, as well as the QEP director position. I think the interesting fact is that he stays sane and congenial amid a very stressful schedule! 

The Health Science Center's values are compassion, integrity, excellence, pride, innovation and teamwork.  Can you give an example of how your department or your coworkers demonstrate one of these values?
A recent example of compassion that I have witnessed in the SPH was when a faculty member became ill, and co-workers united to provide food to deliver to the faculty member's family each week during the lengthy recuperation period. It was rewarding to watch service in action coordinated by that faculty member's department. I am proud to be a part of the School of Public Health.

What's the best part about working at the Health Science Center?
My favorite parts of working at the Health Science Center are (1) the people and (2) the purpose.  I have high regard for the people who work here and appreciate each individual's contribution to the whole.  Also, I have great appreciation for the purposes served by the Health Science Center.  I am honored to work in an interesting environment that is contributing to health care, to research and to the community, making Fort Worth an even better place to live.

What do you like to do when you aren't at the Health Science Center?
After hours, I enjoy spending time with my husband, family and friends, participating in activities at my church, reading and traveling.  Probably my all-time favorite pastime is being with my four-year-old granddaughter Mia Jing-Min, who was born in China. She rocks!

Is there any other information that you would like to share with the campus community about yourself, your job, your department, etc?
I would just like to share my gratitude for everyone here who has contributed to my learning and development professionally, and, most of all, to my happiness and fulfillment in a job I truly enjoy.  It's great to be here!
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