June 5, 2009
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New software will cut PC energy consumption at UNTHSC

Did you know that cutting the energy consumption of personal computers (PC) on campus could save the Health Science Center more than $40,000 a year? Over the next month, Information Resources and Technology (IRT) will team up with Facilities Management to roll out new energy management software that will drastically cut the Health Science Center’s energy consumption by turning off PCs when they aren’t being used.

The new software, called SURVEYOR by Verdiem, is one of the market’s most comprehensive PC energy-management solutions.  It will be “pushed” to your state-owned PC (IBM based). This will run in the background and will not interfere with your computer or your work. For the first several weeks, it will not do anything but gather information about energy consumption and use on your computer. This “baseline” period will be used to analyze your working trends. Information Resources and Verdiem then will work together to group computers according to their use, and assign applicable power-management policies to each work station. When appropriate, your machine and monitors will be powered off, or moved to a lower energy state, when not in use.

This software is highly sophisticated. It can tell when certain programs are running, and it won’t shut down if they are. It can power off “gracefully,” ensuring that your documents and other items are saved and protected. It will even pop up a window to ask if anyone is there before powering down.

Questions about SURVEYOR? Contact the Information Resource Helpdesk at helpdesk@hsc.unt.edu or 817.735.2192.

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