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Posted: March 17, 2005


The Employees Benefit Action Committee at the University of North Texas Health Science Center will host its first charity garage sale on April 16.

The garage sale, which will take place in the west parking garage on the health science center’s Fort Worth campus, will benefit the EBAC. The sale is open to employees, friends and students, with booth space for sale at $10 each. Booth sizes are the size of a parking spot.

There will be 71 booths in all. About 30 were still available as of March 17.

Money raised from booth registration will benefit the EBAC. Funds from this and other fundraisers go to helping employees at the health science center in times of emergency.

According to Thomas Moorman, EdD, chairman of the EBAC, the purpose of the garage sale is to put much needed funds back into the EBAC account.

“Annually, we have about $5,000 to use to provide some resources for staff in crisis situations, but we are down to about $1000 now,” Dr. Moorman said. “Some of the things that we have done in the past are to help employees when there has been a tragedy, such as a house burning down.

“I think the EBAC serves a very important function, because it allows people to get a better idea of what happens campus-wide, to network, and to give something back to the institution,” Dr. Moorman said.

The EBAC meets the first and third Thursday of each month. The 15 members, selected by health science center faculty and staff, are charged with carrying out the group’s purpose, which is to provide representation for employees in matters of employee benefits. The group also tries to explore ways to improve benefits for employees.

For more information about the garage sale, contact Randy Thomas at 817-735-2155 or by e-mail rthomas@hsc.unt.edu.


Contact: Kay Colley 817-735-2553, cell 817-980-5090, e-mail kacolley@hsc.unt.edu.

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