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Posted: May 10, 2005


me1.jpg The University of North Texas Health Science Center and the Vietnam Education Foundation have entered into an agreement that will allow top scholars from Vietnam to study at the health science center beginning this fall.

“We are delighted to have the University of North Texas Health Science Center in the VEF Alliance,” said Kien Pham, executive director of VEF. “The Alliance is a select group of leading universities in the United States that share VEF’s mission. Together we will help transform science and technology in Vietnam, and in that process, serve as enduring bridges between the two countries.”

VEF is a special initiative by the U.S. Congress to improve relations between the United States and Vietnam by fostering educational exchanges. The Foundation is in its second year of operation. It currently receives the full support of the U.S. National Academies in its fellowship selection process. Currently, more than 100 VEF fellows are at 37 U.S. graduate institutions, mostly for doctoral degrees.

Fellows in the program are jointly supported by the host school and VEF. All VEF fellows are required to return to Vietnam after completing their academic programs in the United States.

“We are looking forward to hosting this program and training VEF fellows,” said Thomas Yorio, PhD, dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. “I am sure that these students will bring new insight to our institution. We are fortunate to be a part of this international program.”


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