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Posted: July 30, 2010

UNT Health Science Center in the news


The UNT Health Science Center is making headlines in both local and national publications.

The Health Science Center was included in an article about developing a blood test to identify patients with Alzheimer's disease. This article appeared in many outlets, such as the Houston Chronicle and Dallas Morning News.

The Center for Human Identification (CHI) was mentioned in a Dallas Morning News article about a connection made between a mother and the unidentified remains from her son after he was missing for 12 years. The CHI was also recognized in Tulsa World and Oklahoman articles for coordinating with the Medical Examiner's Office of Oklahoma to conduct forensic DNA analysis for human identification.

An article about Americans' drinking habits was mentioned in many outlets, including CNN.com and the Chicago Sun-Times. The Health Science Center was mentioned for collecting data.

The Health Science Center was also mentioned in an article on the front of the Fort Worth section of the Star-Telegram for partnering with Fort Worth ISD to establish a biomedical science high school.

The Dallas Morning News quoted Art Eisenberg, chair of Forensic and Investigative Genetics, and George Adams, program coordinator of Forensic and Investigative Genetics, in an article about prostitutes and former prostitutes submitting DNA samples for what is believed to be a first-of-its-kind database for high-risk potential victims.  The samples would be used to identify the women if they are later determined to be missing, comatose or murdered.

Marketing and Communications facilitated an interview with Lisa Nash, DO, associate dean of educational programs for the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, in the Star-Telegram. The article explored proposed rule changes in residency hours, which could possibly affect staffing at teaching hospitals and the quality of a resident's first-year education.

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